​How to Fix a Damaged Wooden Door

How to Fix a Damaged Wooden Door

Damaged wooden doors can be mended easily more than other types of doors, especially hollow wooden doors. These fragile doors may seem difficult to repair.

To Fix a Damaged Wooden Door

Items Required

  • Worktable and utility knife
  • Drill and screwdriver.
  • Wedge and putty knife.
  • Cardboard and sawhorses.
  • Paper plate and spray paint.
  • Hardener and epoxy wood filler.
  • Cloths and degreasing cleaner.
  • Fine-grit sanding pad.
  • Paintbrush and stain.
Here are simple guidelines to follow and fix doors.
Get some filler products or epoxy wood filler. Paint or stain them to match the colour of the door. Note that some filler materials are difficult to paint or stain.
Remove the screws out of the door hinges with a screwdriver or drill. Put a wedge at the base of the door and pull the door out of the frame. Place it on a work table or sawhorses.
Wood fillers cannot stick on dirt or dust. Therefore, apply a degreasing cleaner to remove dirt and other particles from the door. Leave it for some hours to dry.
Use a putty knife to take some amount of wood fillers and place them on a cardboard or paper plate. Pump out an amount of hardener onto the wood putty. Blend the hardener and wood filler into a desirable paste using a putty knife. Do not blend larger quantity of filler to avoid wastage.
With the putty knife, scoop some amount of the blended wood fillers into the openings and cracks on the door. Fill the holes thoroughly and leave it for some hours to dry.
Note: some manufacturers have specifications for the amount of time the fillers will take to dry after application.
Use a utility knife to trim excess wood fillers from the surface of the door. Sandpaper can be used for smoothing the wood fillers. Therefore, do not trim the fillers close to the surface of the door.
Fine-grit sanding pad can be applied for smoothing the wood fillers on the door surface. Use a wet cloth for wiping sand dust and debris of the fillers from the door. More wood fillers could be applied to recessed areas. It is advisable to repeat the process until you get the texture you want.
Get a can of stain or spray paint and apply on the affected areas. The paint or stain could be applied using a clean cloth or paintbrush. Leave the first coating for some minutes to dry up and reapply another paint or stain to get a finished wooden door.
Remember to put on gloves while using a stain or paint on the door to avoid being stained.
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