​How to Repair a Steel Door

How to Repair a Steel Door

Repairing dents on a steel door is simple if you can master the techniques, know the tools and materials needed for the project.

To Repair a Steel Door

Required Tools and Materials

  1. Paintbrush and sanding block.
  2. Cordless driver or cordless drill.
  3. Wire wheel and putty knife.
  4. Sandpaper and paint.
  5. Primer and plastic gloves.
  6. Auto body filler.
The simple methods include

Use Sand Paper to Remove the Paint on Damaged Area

Apply a 60-grit or 80-grit sandpaper to remove the paint and expose the steel. Place the door on sawhorses and fill the dent with auto-body fillers. A drill with a wire wheel can help you remove the paint faster.
If a dent happens at the bottom of the door, you can easily repair this using an eight inches metal kick plate. You can find kick plates at hardware stores or any local shop nearby.

Add Auto Body Filler on the Dent

Use a wide putty knife to mix the auto body filler and apply it on the dents. If there are ridges or humps after the first coating of filler, apply a second coat after the first one is dried. Blend the filler with a scoop of resin placed on hardboard or pieces of plywood. Put hardener into the mixture and mix properly.
Apply the mixture on the affected area quickly because the filler will begin to harden immediately. Put the filler moderately on the door and repeat the process until the dent is levelled.

Get a Sand Paper to Smoothen the Area

100-grit sandpaper can be applied to sand the door after filling. Smooth the surface of the door with a sanding block. At this stage, prime the affected area before painting the entire door for a perfect finishing.

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